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A penniless Miami Mother desperate to feed her hungry family was nearly arrested while trying to steal $300 worth of groceries, but the responding officer decided to help her instead.

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William Smith William Smith @Cobra 19:51:21 29.10.2013

Wow. This story is both happy and sad at the same time. We spend billions in foreign aid and there are people right here next door and across the street that need help!

I donated $50 bucks to this family. I sent an email to "", and they sent me an email with an official Paypal donate button...was pretty easy.

***Thanks MegaSOS for bringing this story to my attention!!!***

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Christopher Tracy Christopher Tracy @AutoBoy 07:24:51 31.10.2013

So sad! I wonder where the Father is?

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Richard Richard @CarMan 07:38:55 31.10.2013

The little girl was adorable, I wish them a happy Christmas!

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Jasper Johnson Jasper Johnson @AmericaMuscle 07:48:33 31.10.2013

This give me hope when it comes to police and community relations. That was a great thing for that officer to do.

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Jasper Johnson Jasper Johnson @AmericaMuscle 07:48:56 31.10.2013

Good Luck Jessica!

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