Christopher Tracy

Is there much difference in the quality between off-brand cheap gas and premium fuel from major gasoline companies?

Stop worrying about using cheap gas. Most experts say it's not likely to hurt your vehicle at all. All gas is pretty much the same product when you break it down. What makes expensive gas more expensive is NOT the quality, but the additional additives added to it. Additives are said to provide additional engine protection to your car. Expensive gas, simply means there are more additives within a particular grade of fuel and this is what makes it more expensive. So in my humble opinion, the answer is NO, cheaper gas should not harm your car.

Drive Safely!

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Алексей Алексей @Soundstream 05:00:52 29.05.2013

Bullshit! Cheap gas kills sparkplugs, injectors, fnd makes you change fuel filter much often then it needs to be done!

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Tychus Tychus @sinsin 06:07:00 29.05.2013

I agree with @Soundstream. Maybe somewhere in US there's no BIG difference, but most of the times there is. My recommendation - try to fill your car always at the same place you trust. Even right before going on a long trip - get a full tank.

Getting a cheap fuel at some unknown off-brand place can get you into serious trouble with an engine.

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Sky Sky @Sky 05:18:15 30.05.2013

Hi @Soundstream...Can you say "Anger Management"? Relax man, we all love cars here. We're here to just have friendly chat, learn, educate, inform and help one another...Lol

To my friend @sinsin...Yes I am referring to American gas chains, as this is where I am located. I believe American standards tend to be a little higher than in allot of other countries. Some of the more popular Gas Stations in America are Chevron/Shell/Texaco/Arco/Exxon/Valero,etc. Basically, all companies start with the same base mix and add their own little dash of chemicals, known as additives to create a difference between the brands.

Gasoline is delivered to local mixing tanks through a central nationwide pipe network, so the gas we may fill up on at a popular American convenience store such as 7-11 (Citgo gas), is likely from the same pipe as the more expensive Chevron gas across the street, but you get the advantage of Chrevron's engine cleaning agents (Techron) whereas the cheaper fuel at 7-11 may have the state-minimum requirements of everything.

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Алексей Алексей @Soundstream 06:34:54 31.05.2013

Hi @Sky! Trust me i'm easy like sunday morning and i'm as friendly as puppy! ;-) Yes we are here to learn from each other and help to each other, and yes i trust you that in America situation in gas industry exactly like you said! But in Russia where i am and most of "Megasos" comunity located is different! So if you don't want to kill either your engine or fuel system, you shouldn't put cheap gas in your car any way! So saing that "angry way" i tried to warn all the beginners and keep them away from such of mistakes! Peace!

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