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After interviews with oil experts, mechanics and automakers, one thing is clear: The 3,000-mile oil change is a myth that should be poured out with the dirty oil! New data shows that changing your oil this often wastes both oil and money, while compounding the environmental impact of illicit waste-oil dumping.

Oil has changed quite a bit in the last 30 years. Among 2013 makes & models, the majority of automobile manufacturers call for oil changes at either 7,500 or 10,000 miles based on normal service schedules. This is more than double the traditional 3,000-mile interval myth. The longest oil change interval is 15,000 miles for all Jaguar vehicles. The shortest oil change interval is 5,000 miles in some Hyundai vehicles, Kia models and Toyota vehicles that call for non-synthetic oil. Toyota has shifted allot of it's fleet to 10,000-mile oil changes using synthetic oil.


You don't need to change your oil this often anymore...

Hope this was useful!

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Tychus Tychus @sinsin 06:27:57 29.05.2013

Try telling it to theese guys...
I would keep the interval as a car manufacturer says but no longer. Changing your oil more often for the car you love will not hurt it.

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Алексей Алексей @Soundstream 12:51:00 29.05.2013

Chekmate, Mr. @AutoBoy!

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Sky Sky @Sky 04:49:27 30.05.2013

I wouldn't say checkmate at all.

Who's to say how many miles were put on those engines in @sinsin's pics. 15k, 25k, 30? My posts are about helping people find a balance between good automotive care & maintenance and also saving their hard earned money from unnecessary expenses. I could change my oil, every 1,500 miles, it would be great for my car, but a total waist of time money. Notice in my post I said, "After interviews with experts", the key word being "experts". Is @sinsin an automotive industry expert who has studied this topic at great length? Has he actually taken the time to acquire the necessary data to debate my post, or just someone who post great pics??? Your move!

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