My sideview mirror was knocked off when I bumbed into another vehicle. The mirror itself works just fine. But the casing around the mirror has detached from the car and is hanging off. How do I fix this?

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Jasper Johnson Jasper Johnson @AmericaMuscle 04:01:52 04.06.2013

Man that sucks! I bought a side mirror for one of my cars at several months ago. Their prices aren't bad and they have a pretty decent selection of parts for many different makes & models of cars.

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Алексей Алексей @Soundstream 04:04:16 04.06.2013

Mirror replacement only! No other options.

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Jasper Johnson Jasper Johnson @AmericaMuscle 04:21:33 04.06.2013

Yep, I agree with @Sounstream! If you go directly to the dealer where you purchased the car it may be a bit more expensive. Try a local auto body shop that either specializes or does body & mechanical work on your particular make and model of car. They tend to be less expensive than going "Direct To Dealer".

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Richard Richard @CarMan 04:41:13 04.06.2013


You need a complete assembly my friend. If your side mirror assembly has been completely broken off, your mechanic or body shop needs to replace your mirror and the outer casing that attaches it to the door.

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