Recently I recharged my car's AC and added Freon, but I find my car is not getting cool when I switch ON my AC. What could be the problem? Please share your views.


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Sky Sky @Sky 03:34:55 04.06.2013

If the condenser is full of leaves, dust & dirt, bugs, etc, air flow through the unit may be blocked to the point where little cooling occurs. Cleaning the condenser could help with the problem. Also make sure that your cooling fan is working when it comes on.

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Jasper Johnson Jasper Johnson @AmericaMuscle 03:56:10 04.06.2013

If you have refilled / recharged your AC system recently, and find yourself needing a recharge again today, you might want to check it for leaks. Also if you have recharged it, added Freon and after a day or two, it's still not blowing cool air this could be a sign of a leak as well.

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Алексей Алексей @Soundstream 03:57:47 04.06.2013

Make sure your a/c compressor turns on, when you switch a/c button.

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Richard Richard @CarMan 04:44:41 04.06.2013

You also need to be sure your car uses the newer R134 (not the older R12 refrigerant). The best way to determine this is to check your car's owners manual. You can also call your local auto parts store and they can look it up for you.

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