Jasper Johnson

I have been having trouble starting my car. It was suggested to change my car battery, as we found out it wasn't holding a charge anymore. I got a brand new battery, but I'm still having the same issue starting my car! What do you think it could be?

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Richard Richard @CarMan 04:33:34 04.06.2013

Alternator can sometimes have a diode failure and this will allow power to continually drain away giving a flat battery, which leads to sluggish starts or no starts at all.
1. Start by checking all battery connections are clean and secure.
2. Fluid level in battery is OK? ( should cover internal plates by around 4-9 mm of distilled water)
3. If you have replaced your battery and have performed items 1-2 from above, check your Alternator. You could have a bad Alternator.

Good Luck @AmericanMuscle!

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