Is it possible to repair or rebuild a carberator or do you have to repace it?

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Christopher Tracy Christopher Tracy @AutoBoy 01:27:03 07.06.2013

It would probably be best if you just purchased a new one. If you're looking into buying a Carb Kit for it and installing it yourself, there's a lot of work involved depending on your level of experience.

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Benjamin Benjamin @Jedi 01:48:09 07.06.2013

Yeah I may just have to break down and get a new one. I'm a little too busy at work and don't have allot of free time right now.

Appeciate the feedback

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Sam Sam @ILoveCars 02:13:03 07.06.2013

I agree with AutoBoy, easier to just get a new one, unless your just a serious auto buff and like doing that type of thing. If you want to do it your self, try Auto Zone or O'reilly Auto Parts

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