MegasSOS is a new kind of app that's both fun, social and extremely helpful!

With just the touch of a button MegaSOS let's you send emergency or non-emergency messages, along with your exact GPS location to your family, friends, other MegaSOS users and even trusted, vetted repair companies nearby. In certain emergency situations where calling or speaking out loud may not be possible, MegaSOS let's you send text, photos and even instant video captured via your mobile device. You can even ask questions or chat with other members regarding car repairs or anything else you may need help with.

In a world of automobile breakdowns, natural disasters, global terrorism and violent crime, MegaSOS is the must have emergency application for the entire family. Imagine traveling at night, you don't know where you are exactly, your car is broken down in the middle of nowhere or you're in a mass shooting environment and hiding under a desk. You can't make a sound and have only 2% battery life left. Well, with one amazing app and a single tap, your mobile device now has the power to simultaneously blast emergency push notifications and even backup emails to your selected group of people, all at the same time, on all their devices. After receiving your alert, friends, family or tow services, simply press the MegaSOS' "Navigate Button" and they're guided right to your exact location!

So be prepared, join the community of great individuals from around the globe who share one thing in common, mutual aid Worldwide! Begin today, download the app and start assisting others, while getting all the help you need. You can also use MegaSOS to just be social and have fun. Upload some cool media and begin sharing your world with everyone.