The resource (hereinafter „Resource“) is public and open to all Internet users. User registration on the Website is carried out voluntarily and without prior check of users by the Website.

Website Administration does not exercise control over the actions of users at the Resource as well as over the posted information and content, including video files, photos, images, etc. (hereinafter „Content“). Any Content is posted to the Resource by users of their own accord, without any control, which corresponds to the generally accepted international practice of placing Content on the Internet.

Website Administration is not responsible for the actions of users, including for violation of intellectual (exclusive) rights or copyright of third parties for the Content which is a product of intellectual activity. At the same time Website Administration is committed to observance of intellectual property rights of third parties for Content and undertakes to take all due measure in case a violation of the rights of third parties is detected.

In the event of a violation of their intellectual (exclusive) rights or copyright, rights holders have the right to report the fact of such violations directly to Website Administration by sending a notification by e-mail: The notification of a violation of intellectual property rights must be accompanied by documents proving exclusive rights and / or copyright of the person concerned for the Content which has been improperly posted to the Resource.

Notification of a violation of intellectual property rights of a rights holder must contain:

  1. Information about the Content, including its form, and proof of the rights holder‘s right to it.
  2. Information about the rights holder, his/her name or company name, place of residence (legal address), PSRN and TIN (for organizations and individual entrepreneurs), contact information (telephone, e-mail address).
  3. The essence of the rights holder’s complaint, in particular, the rights holder's rights that have been violated, and the location of the Content on the Resource (a link to the site page).

The term for reply to the rights holder’s notification of a violation of their intellectual property rights is seven (7) business days from the date of sending of the notification by the rights holder.

According to the rules and regulations of the applicable national and international law Website Administration considers disputed issues related to the violation of intellectual (exclusive) rights or copyright of third parties, in a pre-trial claim procedure.

In case the violation of intellectual property rights of third parties (rights owners) by posting Content to the Resource has been proved, Website Administration will delete the relevant Content from the Resource without notifying the user who has posted that Content to the Resource.

All of the above procedure is valid both in the Russian Federation and in other countries (without limitation by territory boundaries).